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Hollywood Kill Biography

Hollywood Kill Biography

In the world of hip-hop, most groups are cultivated the same way; a hustler with street cred slings together a mix tape to get noticed. Hollywood Kill is not a group that slings mix tapes, but two self-sufficient and creative musicians who have created something hip-hop fans have not heard before. Hollywood Kill creates their own beats, lyrics, and transforms their creativity and experiences from their struggle to “make it” into catchy slick hip-hop tracks. ANONIMOUS (vocals, beats, producer) is a razor-sharp performer, composer and producer with Japanese and Irish roots, whose was well-known in Northern Cali for producing tracks for artists looking for the ultimate innovative hip-hop sound. While working on a project in Phoenix called “Underrated Collaborated,” Anonimous met KGEE (vocals). KGEE and Anonimous clicked immediately, and they took on the hot Phoenix hip-hop scene head on.

The new Hollywood Kill album is a delicate mix of hard-hitting beats and thought provoking lyrics, with some lyrics sung by KGEE in Spanish. The new album has been described as “cinematic hip-hop,” but the album’s complex vision is that it does not conform to the traditional notions of what a hip-hop group should sound or look like—bling and bitches. Each track of the Hollywood Kill album tells a story, and the listener can almost visualize scenes from a motion picture. Hollywood Kill is your ultimate urban hip-hop soundtrack, complex in structure, but simple to understand, with music that appeals to the masses. The hip-hop community yearns for a group that has the power to move and inspire beyond the notion that money and bling are everything. The Hollywood Kill sound ranges from dark and mysterious, to seductive and aggressive. Pop the album in, and you’ll launch into a journey ranging from Hollywood back alleys facing a grim and indecisive future, to raging beats in upscale trendy nightclubs.

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